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Has always been very unique and set apart from everybody else! She was born in Pittsburgh, PA, but spent her most valuable years growing up in Jacksonville, FL. Jazsmine grew up with an insane mindset that everybody but herself recognized. She spent many years downplaying and ignoring the power behind her mind and voice. Many years ago Jazsmine went through a terrible car accident that took her on a life-changing journey. She spent a lot of time rebuilding both her physical and mental well-being. During this time she gained a new understanding on change. She realized that her suffering was not for self but for someone else. It was this very moment when she decided to stop ignoring her gift, but use it to show others how to innovate their mind with focus and determination!

“Innovate You Mind” came about after Jazsmine went through intensive studies of self-inquiry. She has decided to dedicate her life to helping others map out what may be stopping them from taking that next step. With her guidance she will show you how to go the extra mile and see that there is more to life than what is being presented. While looking forward to working with you, Jazsmine has the necessary skills to help you understand your passion, recognize your value, navigate life’s roadblocks, and so much more.

You Are The Author of Your Book and The Painter of Your Canvas

 Let's Make it A Beautiful Portrait!

Jazsmine Ponder

Jazsmine Ponder

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